Your Holiday Dinner with the Best of Virginia: Turkey and Wine Pairings

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November 20, 2012

Many of us put little thought into what wine to pair with our Thanksgiving dinner. Yet, a good wine can make all the difference in enhancing the flavors of that meal that you worked so very hard on. While we tend to focus on the turkey, the bird's simple flavors actually pair quite well with many wines. It's the rich and varied side dishes that need consideration when choosing the perfect wine accompaniment. Whether you're hosting and need a standout wine selection or you're in need of a well-thought-out hostess gift, consider the following suggestions from the Best of Virginia.

2011 Early Mountain Vineyards Viognier
Viognier is the unofficial grape of Virginia. Early Mountain's version combines dry stone and mineral tones with fruity peach nectar, creating a balanced, not too sweet taste. This easy to drink wine will subtly accent the richer flavors of your meal. You'll be thankful to share it with those you love.

2008 Barboursville Vineyards Nebbiolo
From the acclaimed Nebbiolo grapes of Barolo, Italy, Barboursville's light red wine fittingly emanates cranberry both in taste and color. Just as your bowl of cranberry sauce balances the thicker and sweeter dishes on your table, Nebbiolo with its hints of tart fruit and autumnal spices will provide a perfect accent to your meal.

2011 Paradise Springs Nana's Rosé
This dry, French style ros made from merlot, is the perfect "white wine" for the red wine drinker. With tastes and smells of grapefruit, guava and passion fruit, it is light and a bit earthy on the palette and bright in color. This is a well-balanced wine that proves a fitting companion for both your turkey and its sides.

2011 Ox-Eye Riesling
Ox-Eye's dynamic Riesling has bright citrus and tropical fruit notes rounded out with a tinge of honey. Its robust acidity gives it a nice finish. Not too dry and not too sweet, this Riesling will stand up to and provide a little punch to the bold flavors of your Thanksgiving feast.