Category: Wine

  • Rosé Trifecta

    Jul 08, 2019

    We are so proud to share that in addition to its 3/3 stars - exceptional rating in The Washington Post, our 2018 Rosé has also been featured in Thrillist, Bloomberg, and Forbes this summer. While it can be enjoyed year-round, it was highlighted in these summer articles for being...

  • Best of Virginia Wine Program Expands With Two New Offerings at Early Mountain

    Feb 21, 2013

    At Early Mountain, we are proud of the growing wine community within Virginia and it is a core part of our mission to showcase the established winemakers who have crafted our region's world-class wines. We are pleased to welcome two esteemed Virginia wineries, RdV Vineyards and Glen Manor Vineyards as...

  • Early Mountain Vineyards New Wine Releases

    Jan 09, 2013

    Don't miss trying our three new wine releases!2009 Muscat Dolce From Estate vines in Madison, Virginia, this 100% Muscat was made in a port style and fortified with local brandy. Aged for 2 years in barrels, the wine was exposed to oxygen in order to obtain nutty, sherry-like notes. Natural...

  • The Promise of Virginia Wine

    Oct 05, 2012

    "In blind tasting you get to see what your palate says, not what your head is telling you."While the nation's attention was focused on Denver this week and the much anticipated debates between the two Presidential candidates, another toe-to-toe drama played out in Virginia, in a battle of the upstart...