10th Anniversary Founders' Feature, Week 4

November 10, 2022

For our 4th and final Founders’ Features, we are highlighting a flight of underdog/under appreciated grape varieties curated by long-time strategic advisor to Early Mountain, Erich Broksas as well as a full-flavored dish created by former Chef Ryan Collins and interpreted by Executive Chef Tim Moore. We hope you will join us this weekend atEarly Mountain.

 Early Mountain’s owner, JeanCase, has always been identified with being fearless. In her business and personal life, she has championed making big bets, taking risks, making failure matter, reaching beyond, and letting urgency conquer fear. Jean knew that to make a significant impact in Virginia wine she would need the right team – a team of similarly fearless and forward-thinking leaders. Erich Broksas, with his extensive outsider experience and global knowledge of wine, was a perfect fit to help create a winery that would redefine hospitality in Virginia. 

Over the course ofErich’s career, he has consistently investigated ways innovative technology and business models could drive change. His robust range of professional experiences includes successful leadership in startups, global firms, philanthropy, and venture capital. Erich’s extensive travel and love of wine allowed him a unique vantage point. He understood what elements were missing from the winery experience model, and that Virginia wine was at a tipping point that would benefit from a new approach. Without Erich’s planning, strategic guidance, and vision, Early Mountain would never have come to life a decade ago. 

At the core, Erich’s energy and global view is fueled by his strong commitment to community and developing strategic, effective solutions to issues around the world. Erich currently serves as the Chief Operating Office at World CentralKitchen (founded by Chef Jose Andres). World CentralKitchen is first to the frontlines, providing meals in response to humanitarian, climate, and community crises and has distinguished itself as one of the most forward-thinking NGOs.

Erich’s flight looks to other wine regions that were inspiring in our early days and impactful on decisions we made. Embracing the idea of being really good at one or two things regardless if the general public doesn’t know about them inspired the selection of this stunning Malbec blend from Argentina from Achaval Ferrer. Redefining expectations in areas where the consumer may have a set perspective inspired the choice of Gamay and Chardonnay. While Beaujolais Nouveau may be a cheap, seasonal drink made for fast consumption, within the same region, artisan producers such as Julien Sunier are making expressive wines of character. For many, Chardonnay is a stereotyped butter and oak bomb, while the Quaker Run Chardonnay keeps both fully in check and integrated with the fruit. Interesting things can be done all over the world which led to selection of the Stolpman expression of Rhône varietals in Southern California. While people should drink what they like, trying new wines is part of the fun and we hope you enjoy this selection.

10th Anniversary Founders' Features, Week 3

November 3, 2022

The foundation for Early Mountain’s nationally renowned wine program came in large part through the hard work and contributions of our next Founders, Ben Jordan and Patt Eagan. Ben and Patt brought their passion for wines from around the world as well as Ben’s experience in Sonoma Valley winemaking and Patt’s family ties to Champagne to their time at Early Mountain. This expertise and knowledge in turn helped create wines beloved well beyond Virginia’s borders

10th Anniversary, Founders' Features, Week 2

October 25, 2022

The vision for Early Mountain's unique hospitality offering was carefully crafted by several key food and wine professionals. Among those esteemed professionals were Michelle Gueydan, sommelier, and Jenn Crovato, Executive Chef. Michelle and Jenn endeavored to create a tasting room experience that was more elevated and vibrant than what was being found elsewhere in Virginia. The concept of expert curation lays at the heart of the Early Mountain experience. Both Michelle and Jenn made sure that our guests enjoyed the most interesting and lauded wines from all corners of the Commonwealth, as well as the freshest local ingredients used to comprise our menu items, both highlighted in our features this week.

Michelle curated a flight of Virginia wines that represent exceptional quality with distinguishable terroir driven characteristics, focusing on bottlings where the people behind them embody what it means to be true stewards of their land. Highlighted wineries inlcude Glen Manor, Linden Vineyards, and Ankida Ridge.

Jenn wanted to take things back to our iconic grilled cheese sandwich, a highlight of her tenure at Early Mountain, a sandwich with a bit of a cult following. Executive Chef Tim Moore created his "Eccentric Grilled Cheese" an open-faced interpretation with local alpine cheese, Kite's country him, stewed apples, arugula, and Cou Cou Rachou pumpernickel rye.

Early Mountain is fortunate to have had these two amazing professionals as part of the original team. Michelle and Jenn helped define our unique brand of winery hospitality and set a course for the business that has led to numerous awards and accolades.

10th Anniversary: Founder's Features

October 19, 2022

We invite you to celebrate Early Mountain Vineyards' 10th anniversary with us! We have come so far thanks to the amazing talent and hard work of many, and we are honored to continue this journey with our exceptional team and all of you. In celebration and appreciation, we will be offering special "Founder's Flights" in the Tasting Room beginning October 20th, as well as delicious dishes inspired by foundational contributors here at Early Mountain. We hope you can join us to raise a glass (or two)!

We’re so pleased to highlight Neal Wavra for our first set of features, available October 20th-24th. Neal is the proprietor of award-winning Field & Main restaurant in Marshall, VA and a long-time wine educator who helped lay the groundwork for the strong knowledge of our hospitality team. 

Ode to the Chesapeake

February 18, 2022

We’re bringing the bounty of the Eastern Seaboard to you, paired with our award-winning wines for this special long weekend (March 3rd-7th). Chef Tim Moore has crafted a delicious seafood menu sourced from the coast and Big Island Aquaculture will be shucking their oysters, served on the half shell direct from the beautiful, pristine body of water nestled between the York River and the Mobjack Bay in Hayes, Virginia. Come enjoy live music (Sat. and Sun.), mountain views, and exceptional Virginia wines enjoyed in your choice of Tasting Room (indoor) or Patio reservations (pending weather). No entrance fee, reservations strongly recommended and can be made HERE.