Ben Jordan's Passover & Easter Wine Picks

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April 5, 2020

Passover and Easter are probably the most dynamic holidays when it comes to weather, with some years still in the grip of winter and others calling for shorts and shade. This year, the timing is in the heart of Spring, and while we never really know what the weather holds, we're offering a trio of our wines that embody the season ... and that can also pivot into the unseasonable.

A survey into traditional Passover and Easter meals around the world will make a wine pairing professional run for the hills, but there are some ingredients (like potatoes and cheese, high five!) that are important to many tables. Like most holidays, the key to wine at Easter is flexibility. These are neither the lightest nor heaviest foods we will eat all year, but we definitely play in both spaces, and flavors are running in all directions.

Lightest to fullest, we recommend our 2019 Rose', our 2018 Madison County Chardonnay, and our 2018 Madison County Cabernet Franc. Maybe rose' hasn't always been in our wine drinking vernacular, but it has always been the right wine for this holiday. From its ability to function as apertif/cocktail on the lawn through whatever the meal throws at it (roast lamb, brisket, deviled eggs, gratin, ham), to its association with warming weather and longer days, then throw in a color that is downright Easter-like, and rose' might be the most important ingredient of the meal. The Madison County Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc function as nimble representatives of their types. Some folks want white wine, some want red, but everyone wants the fruit, charm, and juiciness that comes from these blends of the two vineyards we farm here in our home county.

As the grass and trees come to life with the electric, neon-green chlorophyl of new growth, we are excited and energized to share these wines with you. We look forward to Early Mountain wines gracing your holiday tables and carrying you through Spring into Summer.