Finding the One: A Local Wedding Vendor Showcase

Finding the One: A Local Wedding Vendor Showcase

Posted on March 28, 2017

Ever experience a wave of anxiety right before you try something new? Like the first time you tried a new roller coaster? Sure, you’ve flown down plenty of drops and flipped upside down more than six dozen times, but the angst leading up to a new ride still leaves a knot in the pit of your stomach.

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At Early Mountain Vineyards, we’ve hosted hundreds of weddings, winemaker dinners, festivals, artisan markets, movie nights and paint days. We know all the twists and turns and the ups and downs, all the small details and the big productions that make up our favorite events.  But, as we set our eyes on our mission for continued growth, we are constantly thinking through new ways to welcome clients and friends into our beloved winery. On a winter Saturday in February, we did this by coordinating our very first Finding The One, a local wedding vendor showcase.

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In December, we thought of our vendor friends who were probably doing as we did, looking toward the fast approaching January and February months when winter gifts the hospitality industry with a time to take a step back, get creative, and try something new.  We felt a vendor showcase in February would be the perfect time to both bridge the gap of the quiet season and to say thanks to lovely local vendors for their consistent support.  Just as any new roller coaster is never boring, we wanted to steer away from the feel of a typical bridal show.  We dreamed of an exciting, interactive showcase that featured every vendor’s best work in conjunction with each other.

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We envisioned this day to be full of diverse wedding day inspiration for the visiting couples; each table would have a different design, color scheme, and style. We spent the next few months inviting vendors, assigning teams, and organizing a layout.  On February 25th, we realized we had blinked and suddenly we were anticipating 30+ wedding professionals to be on property in the next few hours!  We had sat in the car and begun the creaking climb to the top, but we had no experience or past records to predict the ride.

From 9am until 11am, the simply elegant Event Hall transformed into a ballroom filled by all things wedding.  By the beginning of the event, everything from pops of color for tablescapes to modest, humble styles took over the space. There were loud, elaborate flower arrangements, soft floral accents, antique lounging furniture, delicious food displays, a photo booth, hair and makeup professionals, wedding videos and music; meanwhile, photographers caught every move.  

Attendees walked through the space that day, inspired by the gorgeous presentations and personal attention they received from the vendors. It was a thrilling day as we watched our ideas and vendors’ creativity join together in beautiful unity. Now that we have the experience from which to prepare, we anticipate an even better ride next year!